Recent Submissions

  • Measurement of snow water equivalent using drone-mounted ultra-wide-band radar 

    Jenssen, Rolf Ole R.; Jacobsen, Svein Ketil (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-mounted radar for obtaining snowpack parameters has seen considerable advances over recent years. However, a robust method of snow density estimation still needs further development. ...
  • Automated and Rapid Seal Wear Classification Based on Acoustic Emission and Support Vector Machine 

    Kandukuri, Surya Teja; Shanbhag, Vignesh Vishnudas; Meyer, Thomas; Caspers, Leo; Noori, Nadia; Schlanbusch, Rune (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Seal wear in hydraulic cylinders results in fluid leakage, and instability of the piston rod movement. Therefore, regular inspection of seals is required using automated approaches to improve productivity and to reduce ...
  • Seasonal InSAR Displacements Documenting the Active Layer Freeze and Thaw Progression in Central-Western Spitsbergen, Svalbard 

    Rouyet, Line; Liu, Lin; Strand, Sarah Marie; Christiansen, Hanne H; Lauknes, Tom Rune; Larsen, Yngvar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    In permafrost areas, the active layer undergoes seasonal frost heave and thaw subsidence caused by ice formation and melting. The amplitude and timing of the ground displacement cycles depend on the climatic and ground ...
  • Environmental Controls of InSAR-Based Periglacial Ground Dynamics in a Sub-Arctic Landscape 

    Rouyet, Line; Karjalainen, Olli; Niittynen, P.; Aalto, Juha; Luoto, Miska; Lauknes, Tom Rune; Larsen, Yngvar; Hjort, J. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Periglacial environments are characterized by highly dynamic landscapes. Freezing and thawing lead to ground movement, associated with cryoturbation and solifluction. These processes are sensitive to climate change and ...
  • An Overall Furnace Model for the Silicomanganese Process 

    Sparta, Manuel; Risinggård, Vetle Kjær; Einarsrud, Kristian Etienne; Halvorsen, Svenn Anton (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    An overall model for a pilot-scale silicomanganese furnace that simultaneously considers electrical and thermal conditions, process chemistry, and flow of solid and liquid substances.
  • Short-Term Load Forecasting with Missing Data using Dilated Recurrent Attention Networks 

    Choi, Changkyu; Bianchi, Filippo Maria; Kampffmeyer, Michael; Jenssen, Robert (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Forecasting the dynamics of time-varying systems is essential to maintaining the sustainability of the systems. Recent studies have discovered that Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN) applied in the forecasting tasks outperform ...
  • Fisheries acoustics and Acoustic Target Classification - Report from the COGMAR/CRIMAC workshop on machine learning methods in fisheries acoustics 

    Handegard, Nils Olav; Andersen, Lars Nonboe; Brautaset, Olav; Choi, Changkyu; Eliassen, Inge Kristian; Heggelund, Yngve; Hestnes, Arne Johan; Malde, Ketil; Osland, Håkon; Ordonez, Alba; Patel, Ruben; Pedersen, Geir; Umar, Ibrahim; Engeland, Tom Van; Vatnehol, Sindre (Rapport fra havforskningen, Research report, 2021)
    This report documents a workshop organised by the COGMAR and CRIMAC projects. The objective of the workshop was twofold. The first objective was to give an overview of ongoing work using machine learning for Acoustic Target ...
  • 9-Acridinemethanamine and Acridine-9-Carboxaldehyde as Potential Fluorescence Lifetime pH Indicators 

    Totland, Christian; Thomas, Peter; Holst, Bodil; Akhtar, Naureen; Hovdenes, Jostein; Skodvin, Tore (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    A significant challenge concerning the development of fluorescence lifetime (FL) based pH sensors is the paucity of fluorophores with sufficiently large FL variation with pH. Acridine is amongst the indicators with highest ...
  • A Survey on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensor Data Modelling Techniques and Machine Learning Algorithms for Multiphase Fluid Flow Estimation 

    Arief, Hasan Asyari; Wiktorski, Tomasz; Thomas, Peter (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Real-time monitoring of multiphase fluid flows with distributed fibre optic sensing has the potential to play a major role in industrial flow measurement applications. One such application is the optimization of hydrocarbon ...
  • Improving Sequential Decisions – Efficiently Accounting for Future Learning 

    Wang, Lingya; Oliver, Dean (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    In sequential field development planning, past decisions not only directly affect the maximum achievable expected NPV but also influence the future information that can be used to reduce geological uncertainty. To act ...
  • Spectral Clustering with Graph Neural Networks for Graph Pooling 

    Bianchi, Filippo Maria; Grattarola, Daniele; Alippi, Cesare (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Spectral clustering (SC) is a popular clustering technique to find strongly connected communities on a graph. SC can be used in Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) to implement pooling operations that aggregate nodes belonging ...
  • DigiTrans kortrapport: Studentenes opplevelse av studiesituasjonen under nedstengingene av UiB høsten 2020 

    Egelandsdal, Kjetil; Hansen, Cecilie Johanne Slokvik (Research report, 2021)
    Universitetet i Bergen (UiB) måtte høsten 2020 igjen stenge tilgangen til «campus» for sine studenter for å hindre spredningen av koronaviruset på grunn av den pågående pandemisituasjonen. For de fleste studentene ble ...
  • Automated segmentation of endometrial cancer on MR images using deep learning 

    Hodneland, Erlend; Dybvik, Julie Andrea; Wagner-Larsen, Kari Strøno; Solteszova, Veronika; Zanna, Antonella; Fasmer, Kristine Eldevik; Krakstad, Camilla; Lundervold, Arvid; Lundervold, Alexander Selvikvåg; Salvesen, Øyvind; Erickson, Bradley J.; Haldorsen, Ingfrid S (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Preoperative MR imaging in endometrial cancer patients provides valuable information on local tumor extent, which routinely guides choice of surgical procedure and adjuvant therapy. Furthermore, whole-volume tumor analyses ...
  • SIOS’s Earth Observation (EO), Remote Sensing (RS), and operational activities in response to COVID-19 

    Jawak, Shridhar D.; Andersen, Bo N.; Pohjola, Veijo; Godøy, Øystein; Hübner, Christiane E.; Jennings, Inger; Ignatiuk, Dariusz; Holmen, Kim; Sivertsen, Agnar; Hann, Richard; Tømmervik, Hans; Kääb, Andreas; Błaszczyk, Małgorzata; Salzano, Roberto; Luks, Bartłomiej; Høgda, Kjell Arild; Storvold, Rune; Nilsen, Lennart; Salvatori, Rosamaria; Krishnan, Kottekkatu Padinchati; Chatterjee, Sourav; Lorentzen, Dag Arne; Erlandsson, Rasmus; Lauknes, Tom Rune; Malnes, Eirik; Karlsen, Stein Rune; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Fjæraa, Ann Mari; Zhang, Jie; Marty, Sabine; Nygård, Knut Ove; Lihavainen, Heikki (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) is an international partnership of research institutions studying the environment and climate in and around Svalbard. SIOS is developing an efficient observing system, ...
  • Pyramidal Graph Echo State Networks 

    Bianchi, Filippo Maria; Gallicchio, Claudio; Micheli, Alessio (Chapter, 2018)
  • Adaptive Elements in Internet-Delivered Psychological Treatment Systems: Systematic Review 

    Mukhiya, Suresh Kumar; Wake, Jo Dugstad; Inal, Yavuz; Pun, Ka I; Lamo, Yngve (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Background: Internet-delivered psychological treatments (IDPTs) are built on evidence-based psychological treatment models, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and are adjusted for internet use. The use of internet ...
  • Hierarchical Representation Learning in Graph Neural Networks with Node Decimation Pooling 

    Bianchi, Filippo Maria; Grattarola, Daniele; Livi, Lorenzo; Alippi, Cesare (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Abstract—In graph neural networks (GNNs), pooling operators compute local summaries of input graphs to capture their global properties, and they are fundamental for building deep GNNs that learn hierarchical representations. ...
  • Finite‐amplitude power budget equations for acoustic fish abundance estimation 

    Lunde, Per (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Finite‐amplitude (nonlinear) sound propagation effects in seawater may cause measurement errors in fish and zooplankton abundance estimation and species identification for accessible echo sounder transmit electrical power ...
  • Monolithic and splitting solution schemes for fully coupled quasi-static thermo-poroelasticity with nonlinear convective transport 

    Brun, Mats Kirkesæther; Ahmed, Elyes; Berre, Inga; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Radu, Florin Adrian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    This paper concerns monolithic and splitting-based iterative procedures for the coupled nonlinear thermo-poroelasticity model problem. The thermo-poroelastic model problem we consider is formulated as a three-field system ...
  • Great expectations: Migrant parents and parent-school cooperation in Norway 

    Bendixsen, Synnøve Kristine Nepstad; Danielsen, Hilde (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    One long-standing characteristic of schools in Norway is inclusive education as a primary goal. The last years, the Norwegian government has emphasised increased parent-school cooperation as a way to limit risks, i.e. of ...

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