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  • The first multi-model ensemble of regional climate simulations at kilometer-scale resolution, part I: evaluation of precipitation 

    Ban, Nikolina; Caillaud, Cécile; Coppola, Erika; Pichelli, Emanuela; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; Adinolfi, Marianna; Ahrens, Bodo; Alias, Antoinette; Anders, Ivonne; Bastin, Sophie; Belušić, Danijel; Berthou, Ségolène; Brisson, Erwan; Cardoso, Rita M.; Chan, Steven C.; Christensen, Ole Bøssing; Fernández, Jesús; Fita, Lluís; Frisius, Thomas; Gašparac, Goran; Giorgi, Filippo; Goergen, Klaus; Haugen, Jan Erik; Hodnebrog, Øivind; Kartsios, Stergios; Katragkou, Eleni; Kendon, Elizabeth J.; Keuler, Klaus; Lavin-Gullon, Alvaro; Lenderink, Geert; Leutwyler, David; Lorenz, Torge; Maraun, Douglas; Mercogliano, Paola; Milovac, Josipa; Panitz, Hans-Jürgen; Raffa, Mario; Remedio, Armelle Reca; Schär, Christoph; Soares, Pedro M.M.; Srnec, Lidija; Steensen, Birthe Marie Rødssæteren; Stocchi, Paolo; Tölle, Merja H.; Truhetz, Heimo; Vergara-Temprado, Jesus; de Vries, Hylke; Warrach-Sagi, Kirsten; Wulfmeyer, Volker; Zander, Mar Janne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Here we present the first multi-model ensemble of regional climate simulations at kilometer-scale horizontal grid spacing over a decade long period. A total of 23 simulations run with a horizontal grid spacing of ∼3 km, ...
  • Benthic eDNA metabarcoding provides accurate assessments of impact from oil extraction, and ecological insights 

    Lanzén, Anders; Dahlgren, Thomas Gunnar; Bagi, Andrea; Hestetun, Jon Thomassen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Apart from its contribution to climate change, offshore oil and gas extraction is also a potential threat to the diversity and function of marine ecosystems. Routine monitoring of the environmental status of affected areas ...
  • Cement properties characterization from a section retrieved from an oil production well after 33 years of downhole exposure 

    Beltran Jimenez, Katherine; Gardner, Dave; Kragset, Steinar; Gebremariam, Kidane Fanta; Reales, Oscar A. M.; Minde, Mona Wetrhus; Lourenco de Souza, Marcelo I.; Aasen, Jan Aage; Skadsem, Hans Joakim; Delabroy, Laurent (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    A unique data set has been constructed based on the study of class G cement recovered from an oil well on the Norwegian continental shelf. The cement was placed between two casing sections and submitted to downhole conditions ...
  • Fluid Migration Characterization of Full-scale Annulus Cement Sections Using Pressure-Pulse-Decay Measurements 

    Skadsem, Hans Joakim (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Fluid migration behind casings is a well integrity problem that can result in sustained casing pressure, undetected leaks to the environment, and potentially very challenging remediation attempts. Understanding the geometric ...
  • Gestational Age, Birth Weight, and Neurocognitive Development in Adolescents in Tanzania 

    Perumal, Nandita; Manji, Karim P.; Darling, Anne Marie; Kisenge, Rodrick R.; Kvestad, Ingrid; Hysing, Mari; Belinger, David C.; Urassa, Willy; Strand, Tor Arne; Duggan, Christopher P.; Fawzi, Wafaie W.; Sudfeld, Christopher R. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Objectives: To investigate the association between gestational age, birthweight, and birthweight adjusted for gestational age, with domains of neurocognitive development and behavioral problems in adolescents in Tanzania. ...

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